Hard work doesn’t always pays off, game over for Becx Competition

Michiel Becx has unfinished business in Dakar

Hard work doesn’t always pays off, game over for Becx Competition


After two days of hard work by the mechanics of Becx Competitions, Michiel Becx and Edwin Kuijpers are leaving the bivouac full of good courage. The liaison towards the start is long so the competitors are early on their way. Unfortunately there is a big problem with the exhaust of the MitJet Off-Road after forty kilometres and it is impossible to continue driving. Dakar 2019 is over for Becx and the team.

Becx was expecting technical problems before the rally. The MitJet is originally a Baja-car built for rallies of 500 kilometres. The team is working to rebuild the car to make it Dakar worthy. “We wanted to test it this year, so you know that there are thing which can break. We were happy with the new rule that you are allowed to restart in the second week when you retire in the first. We had to give up on the fourth stage, but it was also the start of two days’ work to rebuild the MitJet.”

That succeeded, but on their way to the start thing go wrong. “We had to work on the exhaust and needed specific parts. Nobody in the bivouac had these so we went to a local smith. He did his best to make it all right again. The damage that can exist if we proceed is so big that it doesn’t make any sense to continue. We have put the MitJet on the trailer of team De Groot and are heading for San Juan de Marcona.”

Becx is not unhappy. “If I see how much work has been done by my team, awesome! What a team spirit, I really enjoyed that. We have become even more like a family in Peru than we already were. So I hope we can create many more adventures together. We will come back to Dakar for sure, because it feels like unfinished business.”