Gearbox problems for Becx in first stage

Immediately a Dakar adventure for Michiel and Edwin

Gearbox problems for Becx in first stage


Just after twenty seven kilometres the gearbox of the MitJet fails. Michiel Becx and Edwin Kuijpers have reached the finish of the stage thanks to the Dakar thought. They have been towed for about sixty kilometres by a truck and conquered the first Peruvian dunes.

“Yes, this is Dakar”, says Becx. “What an adventure, a more intense Dakar defloration is almost unimaginable. I am happy there was a truck from Mini which wanted to tow us. Sixty kilometres in the dust without seeing anything. We got stuck for about ten times and the rope broke twice. That was an intense first Dakar stage. The sunset was very nice!”

The mechanics of Becx Competition have started to replace the gearbox directly when they arrived in the bivouac. “It will be late for the guys, but they will do their very best to get us back on the road. We catched all the waypoints, so we can start the second stage,” according to Kuijpers.