Becx Competition to Dakar 2019

Taking the MitJet towards the biggest desert rally in the world

Becx Competition to Dakar 2019


The upcoming Dakar will have a special car at the start line: the MitJet Off Road. Michiel Becx and his team are developing the two-wheel driven buggy for several yearst to contest the thoughest rally in the world. The Dutchman want a position in the top thirty with a team of own people and a extraordinary service truck, the Expandable. The coming period will be used to finish several tests and a participation in the “Hearts of Morocco” rally to be prepared before this legendary rally.

Becx, born on 23 juni 1975, is a passionate entrepreneur and the owner of Becx Rental. He is also busy with the development of Expandable vehicles, which are extenable according to a fixed principle. One of these Expandables is the servicetruck of Becx Competition. A mobile workshop with all the comfort and tools allowing the service crew to deliver an outstanding performance. While the competition is working in tents in the wind and dust, the area of Becx Competition is clean and comfortable.

The man who will show Becx the right direction in Dakar is his faithful navigator: Edwin Kuijpers. Kuijpers and Becx has driven a lot of rallies together and they know each other very well. The technical knowledge of Kuijpers about the MitJet is very useful to quickly recognize and fix any error in the buggy.

The MitJet is literally the small brother of the Peugeot buggies. It has been developed in the same factory, but is 40 centimers smaller than the Peugeot. The MitJet has been build for shorter rallies, about 500 kilometers, so it is a big challenge to get it ready for the big work. The car will be powered by a V8 petrol engine and a sequential six-speed gearbox and has between 400 and 500 PK.

“I am looking forward to our first Dakar,” says Becx. “It will be a challenge for us, as well for the people who doesn’t have a lot of experience for such a big rally as for the material. But one thing is sure: we are going for it! The team is very strong on the technical aspect and with the Expandable servicetruck they have the right resources to help the MitJet to the finish. We are hoping for a top thirty position which will be a superb result for this small car between the big boys.”