Expandable Service UNIT

For the Dakar Rally 2019, Becx Competition has set up an Expandable Unit as a workshop. Maintenance on the Mitjet Off Road can be optimally performed in this Unit during the world’s toughest rally.

The Expandable Unit can be expanded to 4.8 m. resulting in a surface of 40 m² of dust-free and conditioned workshop space. Where most teams work with tents, Becx Competition has chosen this suitable solution.

Equipped with a lift, compressed air and electricity, there is a ready-made mobile workshop in just a few minutes. We are convinced that this will contribute positively and so we can get the maximum out of people and equipment.

Would you like more information about this special concept? Take a look at the Expandable website and ask about the possibilities.


This will take Becx Competition towards Dakar

MitJet Off Road

The MitJet Off Road is built in France. The car is two-wheel driven and has a V8 petrol engine with a sequential gearbox. The MitJet delivers between 400 and 500 hp. It is built for events of 500 kilometers, Becx Competition is developing the car to a full-Dakar car.

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Expandable Service truck

Comfort during the service is essential according to Becx Competition. With the Expandable Service Truck they have a mobile workspace where they can work at the car without dust in a stable and strong unit. Where the competition uses tents, it is clean at Becx Competition.

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