Becx Competition

Becx Competition stands for a team of own people who want to enter the competition in an innovative (own) way and are not afraid of (technical) setbacks. Sometimes quirky but with a purpose in mind. Guts and high-tech: Becx Competition stands for that!

The team consists of

Michiel Becx – Driver

“I am a big enthusiast of motorsport, many passionate people are active in motorsport and I love that. I have a weakness for people who have a 100% passion for something, whether it’s a mechanic, a driver or a fan. The level is subordinate for me, because that often depends on the budget. As long as we are full for it!”

Edwin Kuijpers – Navigator

“Edwin is a centipede and is home to all markets. During Dakar he will fulfill the role of navigator. We feel good about each other and have stood for countless hot fires over the years.”

Kees Teurlings – Chauffeur and mechanic

Old European Rallycross Champion. Meanwhile retired but still passionate as a driver and mechanic.

Gert-Jan van Wijngaarden – Mechanic

From the first hour involved in Becx Competition and therefore knows the blows of the whip. He literally fulfills a key role within the team.

Hans Rijken – Mechanic

Enthusiastic, passionate and a good mechanic! Hans has a lot of life experience that often comes in handy in the team.

Luc Spruijt – 3D engineer

One of the best 3D engineers in his field and the brain behind the technical innovations of Becx Competition. He provides professional solutions for an acceptable budget and is therefore indispensable!

Hans Weijs Jr. – Team manager
Hans has more than earned his stripes in national and international rally sports with an impressive track record. Nowadays he is mainly active as a team manager within Hans Weijs Motorsport and his knowledge and skills will also be invaluable in the off-road rally.